Sometimes Stessa will automatically change the description to wrong value

Sometimes Stessa will automatically change the description of a transaction to the wrong description. For example, any time I have a utility payment where my bank accounts details/description reads “PAYMENT CITY OF PIQUA WEB”, Stessa will change that description in Stessa automatically to instead say “Payment to City Of Phila”. Piqua is in Ohio, Phila (I assume Philadelphia) is in PA. So its a little confusing seeing the descriptions in Stessa be automatically updated to things that are in entirely different states that I don’t even operate my business in.

Another example is if my bank has a detail/description of “CITY OF EATON ACH ITEMS” then Stessa will automatically update that description to “Payment to City Of Wheaton”. Again, another city I don’t operate in.

I’ve never manually changed any transaction to say “Wheaton” or “Phila” and my bank doesn’t show that description either. So this is something that Stessa is doing on its own.

Whatever those behind the scenes rules are that work to help clean up the descriptions on transactions to make them more user friendly, it would be nice if each user could set their own rules for that and modify them to their liking that way for things like this that occur I could just trigger a different automated description instead. But whatever the behind the rules are at Stessa that does this automatically probably needs to be tweaked to have stricter rules.

This is still causing problems for me, I cannot imagine I am the only one running into this. Anyone have any ideas?