Split transactions won't save

When attempting the split transactions, the final “Save” button seems to be broken. It will not record the split.

Hi @solomoninterests, thanks for finding this issue.
This bug has now been fixed. Please let us know if you experience any other issue.


The Split Transaction features does not recognize that the Split amount equals the original transaction amount and will not allow to Save.

@jroxsolproperties The “Save” button will remain disabled if you inadvertently change the sign (+/-) of the transactions. This prevents you from mistakenly converting an expense into two or more income items, or vice versa. Note that the amounts of the child transactions do not actually have to match the original parent transaction, but the sign must remain the same.

Maybe double-check to make sure you still have the minus sign (-) in front of each proposed child transaction? That should enable the Save button for you.