Stessa reporting "Account reported as closed" for multiple active Quicken Loans mortgage accounts

Only option given on Stessa to remediate this error is to “Stop Importing” which is useless as these accounts are NOT CLOSED. Please give an option to “ignore” or mark these accounts as active and override whatever erroneous “closed” report Stessa is reading.

Screenshot 2021-05-07 10.07.13 AM

This issue is still unresolved on my end, would appreciate an ETA for a fix! Seems like Stessa is for some reason unable to read more than the first mortgage account, but was able to do this previously…

Still no updates, and the issue is still affecting my Stessa account. An ETA would be much appreciated!

I see similar on mine, but oddly only for accounts that I had previously told it to stop importing, which means it’s not really an issue for me. I have a separate (but possibly related?) issue where my Chase data import got doubled… one shows this error on the accounts, while the other just shows them as not importing.

Thanks pete, but unfortunately this was an issue purely on Stessa’s backend. Something broke their ability to pull data from more than just the first Quicken Loan account.

Thankfully I logged back in today and this issue has been resolved! Looks like the team fixed whatever they broke on their back end finally.

Just to close the loop on this connection issue, Yodlee (our secure banking vendor) regularly reports the status of all connected financial accounts. Sometimes banks, lenders, and credit card companies make site design and/or navigation changes, which can then lead Yodlee to erroneously report certain accounts as “closed” for a period of time.

If you suspect a similar scenario is playing out for one or more of your accounts, please open a 1:1 support ticket in Stessa, so that we can efficiently gather the details required to resolve the issue directly with Yodlee.

I’m having the same issue with my Chase account now. I tried to find the support ticket page, but all I found was this Real Estate Software Company | Stessa is Reinventing Investor Software.

Is there another place to open a support ticket?