Tenant ledger feature now live for all investors on Stessa

We’re happy to report that the highly anticipated tenant ledger feature is currently under development. Our Product and Engineering teams are working hard to get it ready for launch, most likely in January 2021. The hope is that investors like you can start running with this feature along with the start of the new year.

The new tenant ledger will reside under Leases & Tenants, and will allow you to reconcile charges and payments to/from each tenant across your portfolio. With a few clicks you’ll be able to see who owes how much and when each payment was received.

In advance of this new feature release, please be sure your Leases & Tenants data is 100% current. You’ll want to make sure all current leases are fully set up, including lease start and end dates, rent schedules, security deposits, etc. We also recommend that you comb through your Transactions page to make sure past rent payments are properly assigned to the correct unit. This history will help Stessa learn your patterns and populate your new tenant ledger accurately.

The tenant ledger feature was released earlier this week and is now live for all tenancies on Stessa. Please visit the tenant ledger thread on the Wishlist for more information.