Transactions from external accounts corrupt and/or not recognized

Hi - today for the 1st time I see a transaction that is not from my external linked accounts listed as a transaction. The amount is 632.30 and the description is VISA - 07/26 KMS TOOLS - ECOM COQUITLAM CD XX5302 . I checked my linked visa/bank - and I dont see it which is great as I would have to call the bank to report fraud ( its not my transaction).

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Hi Mike,
same thing happened to me. (Rents were showing up for thousands of $'s and they definitely weren’t mine, only have one property) I still don’t know why it happened. I had to manually remove the transactions that I knew were bogus.

I have had tons of these issues. I basically have to manually import then export it as a csv file then compare to my banks csv file. I brought this up over a year ago and it’s still obviously an issue. It’s almost not worth using Stessa

Thanks for reporting these issues. To the extent you have unrecognized transactions in Stessa that do not appear on your external account statements, please open a 1:1 support ticket so we can investigate. We will usually also loop in Yodlee/Envestnet, our third party data provider, to sort out what’s going on and resolve going forward.