Transactions not pulling from chase

Hello, I added another external source from chase bank today. The account has many transactions in it however, only 1 transaction is getting pulled into stessa. Ive refreshed the connection and still only 1 transaction comes over. Need help ASAP for tax time!

I’m having same issue with a few of my accounts. For some accounts all transactions are being pulled and for some there have been cashed checks which have been excluded. It’s only been happening for the past several days. All of my accounts are showing as having been updated and transactions imported on the accounts page so no accounts are disconnected.

I have had this issue on and off for over two years. I have found a solution, it unfortunately requires more time on your end but there are no missing transactions, which I consider an absolute deal breaker on using something like this.

I have fixed the issue on my end, no help from stessa. Unfortunately linking my bank still doesn’t work and many transactions are lost, but if you upload a csv file from chase (they offer it), adjust the headers to stessa format, it will upload every single transaction. It has to be csv, the qif and qfx formats have the same issue as linking the bank. I suspect it is an issue with those file types in stessa, even though they say they prefer those over csv.

You’re welcome stessa for doing your job.