Trouble logging in to ios app - Invalid one time password message

I tried logging in to the IOS app on my phone and ipad. I keep getting an error when entering the password ‘invalid one-time password’ (this is happening on the regular login screen where it is prompting me for the user/password.

I did turn on MFA a while ago (and had no trouble logging in), but now it does not even bring me to the page where I need to enter my MFA code.

I can login successfully on the web site from my PC.

This just started to happen today (I usually login weekly on the phone app)

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @russcormier:

Thanks for reporting this! Our team has confirmed there is an issue with logging in with MFA on the iOS app. We should have a fix out shortly.

Our team has released a fix. Please update to version 1.4.12 of the Stessa iOS app and try again. Thanks again for letting us know!

Works now after updating the app, thanks!