Unable to update email in Stessa account - poor customer support

I changed email addresses back in August of 2022. For some reason, I was unable to update my email address in my Stessa account. I reached out to customer service through the chat. I was told by Victor on August 15 that a ticket was created. It wasn’t until August 24th that he asked me to attempt the update again.

I was able to sort-of change my email address to the point where it now lets me log in with that email address, but in my profile, my email is still showing as the previous address. On August 31 I was informed that “it should all work now” but it didn’t work.

After a few more weeks of back and forth, I’ve been blatantly ignored by every one on the support team and have several unanswered messages that I’ve sent to the support team.

I just finished up my transactions for this tax year and was attempting to export my data…and wouldn’t you know that Stessa told me that the export will be sent to MY PREVIOUS EMAIL - the one that I no longer have access to.

Long story short…I need some actual help here. Urgently if at all possible.