US Bank updated 3 hours ago - missing transactions

US Bank checking account is linked and updating. Some transactions are not showing up. Everything was working fine until a few days ago

I just saw this which leaves me with little hope for consistency

Yodlee utilizes current industry standard screen-scraping technology to securely aggregate transactions from your bank’s/credit card’s website. This method relies on information being visible from the end site, so when the interface changes at the end site, it is possible that the connection can be impacted as a result. Because banks/credit card vendors do not alert Yodlee to these changes beforehand, Yodlee has to respond reactively and significant code changes may be required to correct the feed.

If we know that APIs are essentially a better method than screen scraping, why are we still relying on screen scraping so heavily? Well, again, it’s for a number of reasons. One of them being that screen scraping is much more accessible for financial institutions and consumers, whereas APIs are really expensive to implement, Plaid’s Policy Lead John Pitts said. Plaid’s technology enables apps to connect with users’ bank accounts.

Taking into consideration how many resources it takes to develop APIs, think about the more than 10,000 banks and credit unions that we have in the U.S. Some of these smaller financial institutions simply don’t have the budget to implement this technology, Pitts said.

This is why faxing will never die