Vacancy error on dashboard

In the properties tab I show 100% occupancy for all properties - which is correct, however; when I look at the dashboard it shows 1 property vacant.

I have the opposite issue, Says 100% occupied but I have on vacant.

Apologies for the slow reply on this thread. The varying issues you experienced with the Vacancy calculations were related to some upgrades we made to the Leases & Tenants pages. All lingering issues should now be resolved so please let us know if you’re still seeing something unexpected.

I have a similar problem. I own a house with a casita in the back. I rented the casita first for a month, then rented the whole property (main house and casita) to a new tenant, who is now subletting to the occupant in the casita (they knew each other). I entered the casita tenant for July, and then “whole-property” tenant for August onwards. But when I made the changes, it is now showing 0% occupied on the “Properties” tab, although when I click on the property I see the correct information - both the new tenant and the current rent. Help!

I’m seeing 50% occupancy (which it was for several months but,) now it’s 100%. I suspect my Property Manager has it incorrect in Appfolio but, how could I verify if it is?