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Stessa News

Platform updates & company news is available here, along with an opportunity for the community to offer thoughtful reactions and feedback to the Stessa team.

Setup & Support

Everyone was new to Stessa at some point. Learn how to get your portfolio set up, connect your external accounts, run reports, and stay organized. Ask for help when needed.

Tips & Tricks

Learning a new software platform can take some time. Share your best advanced advice with other Stessa users and discover new faster ways to get things done on Stessa.

Bug Reports

A few bugs here and there are inevitable with a fast-moving software platform. Search to check the status of what you’re seeing and then report new bugs as needed.


Here’s your opportunity to be a software designer and make Stessa an even better platform.

Investor Q&A

Meet other rental property owners using the Stessa platform. Get answers to questions about buying, owning, and selling residential rental properties. Help others grow their portfolios.

Forum Feedback

Let’s discuss the Stessa Forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.