Add mileage to existing transactions


I just realized I need to add mileage to the dozens of trips I took to my Big Box Hardware store. Is there a way to add a mileage tab to all these past transactions?


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@threeviewshome No, mileage transactions are converted into dollars immediately and then saved as such in the system. The original number of miles entered is not stored in the background. You’ll probably want to do the math offline (using the IRS-approved mileage rate) and then simply update the existing transactions with the correct dollar amount.

What I do is transfer the dollar amount of the mileage to my personal bank account to record the transaction. Depending on how much your driving, transfer weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. I use excel to keep track of when and where I’m driving (rental unit, home depot, etc.). I have a few trips for one of my properties that I will transfer at the end of the year so it is recorded for 2021.