Give your input on the new Transactions page

Stessa is working to continuously improve the Transactions page experience. We’re considering some changes to how attachments and other information appears on the Transactions ledger and would love your input.

*Update: Thanks for your input, this survey has ended. We appreciate all the feedback and will be rolling out more improvements over the next few weeks.

I gave the input through Maze as well, but the new transactions experience is an abomination.

The animation in the menus introduces an annoying delay. The lists also cut off the bottom option resulting in unnecessary scrolling.

The dates no longer show in the field because the calendar picker is in the way. I suspect “select all”, “paste” is also broken on the field.

After duplicate the items stay selected, resulting in additional clicks to deselect if you want to duplicate another row. I still can’t duplicate multiple items…

The icons that have been stranded in the bottom center of the screen (duplicate, split, edit, trash) are now further away from the key components of the workflow and detached from the list items. Inexplicably the icons on the right attached to the row are different (containing attach, edit, and trash).

I can’t tell if this was a hastily thrown together “enhancement” to justify the recent price gouge or if this is the type of experience we can expect going forward…

I’ve yet to find anything of value in the change, it’s actually made things far worse and broken my workflow…a workflow necessary because of the broken bank integrations.


I’ve been a front-end engineer for 15 years and have done many table iterations over my career. Overall, I like the look and feel of the page, but thought I could share a couple small tweaks that could make for some improvements in design and efficiency.

  1. When editing a row either inline or after making changes in the detail modal, there are one or two flickers and a spinner that appears on the table. This is a bit distracting. I would suggest making optimistic updates to the table to make it feel more app-like. Remove the spinner and flash and just immediately show the updated values while the API call is made behind the scenes. If an unlikely error happens, display a toast message and roll the changes back. It will make the experience feel more clean.

  2. The Split Transaction slide-out requires 2 clicks on each of the quiet dropdowns. One to give them focus and a second to open the dropdown – it would be great to consolidate them and have one click open the dropdown (like the transactions page does). The money in/out input fields could also select all the text on focus since most times if I keyboard navigate with tab into that field I’m going to want to replace the number rather than edit individual digits one at a time.

  3. Sort headers on the table would benefit from some hover treatment instead of just setting “cursor: pointer”.

  4. The filters at the top of the transactions page make for a bit of a cluttered experience IMO. This is personal preference, but I think placing them behind a “filters” button or putting them as a filter button on each respective column header of the table (like Excel does) might be better. That way, I can get to them in one click if I need them. Most of the time I don’t. I would rather have more real estate on my screen dedicated to the table. For more commonly used filters (property and date for me), I could see them always staying visible on a single line – Date and Property pickers on the left, Search field on the right. The other filters Category, Amount, and Account could probably go behind a one-click action.

  5. The attach receipt button does the same thing as the edit button on row hovers. I would suggest consolidating into a single icon button.

  6. The inline date editor could use a bit of work. The date input and calendar icon overlap each other.

The rest works pretty well for me. I like the new table selection pattern. The overall look and feel is an improvement as well.


Not an improvement. Pretty doesn’t trump functional.

  • Can’t type over dates. I shouldn’t have to go through the calendar to make a quick update.
  • I’ve experienced the same issue multiple times when I duplicate a transaction and then edit the new one. I hit save and then go looking for it to confirm and all the old data is still in the record.
  • Why do you need a scrolling window for the edit page?
  • Dropdowns are clunking. If you don’t line up your mouse exactly, they bounce between different menus.

One positive that drove me nuts on the previous Transactions page was if you went to click the select box and missed it would automatically take you to the edit screen. That seems to be fixed now. Good. But I keep going back to the old version every time it tries to drag me into the future.


It looks good and works well I think it’s a big improvement but the issue for me so far is that the notes section can’t be read easily you have to scroll and only a few words show up per line when scrolling. Would like it to be easier to see/read the notes if possible

Really really really really dislike the new split transactions visuals. Why is it pushed all the way to the right and no room in the field boxes to see what’s there. They’re soooo tiny. Now I can’t see my notes in the transaction description without exiting Splits and typing it in the regular transactions window. Please tell me this is not a permanent change. It sucks. Also, Why does my property now make me choose between “No Tenancy” and “New Tenancy”? I don’t track tenancy because it’s a short term rental. I’m only tracking income/expenses, I don’t want or need this feature. It shouldn’t be enabled unless I set up tenancies on a property with multiple tenants.

Overall I really like the feel of it, but it doesn’t feel like there were a ton of updates. I do like the more visual attachment feature so you can see what has an attachment and what doesn’t. I like the flagging and filter by flagging for review.

Personally, I’d love to see a few things:

  • Ability to create and utilize rules for auto-categorization. I use for personal spending/income tracking and budgeting. If you utilize rules, it can really put your bookkeeping on autopilot. I currently have to change the same 10 vendors each month in the description because it pulls/populates the Name field, not the way we recognize it for the vendors.
    *Better filters. It would be very helpful to filter using checkboxes. Common use cases; 1) What doesn’t have a reciept attached & isn’t a transfer? 2) I want to see what my costs are excluding mortgage payments, and property management on a property to help look at NOI. 3) I want to see what my annual spend on Legal & Professional, Insurance, Taxes, and R&M.

Many of these asks can be found by running a series of reports to find the values I’m looking for, however without custom reporting, better filters would allow me to get the information I’m looking for quickly.

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