Support for weekly rent payments

I’d love to see an option for weekly rent payments. This can boost revenues for landlords, and help tenants who are not good at keeping on top of a monthly payment a more manageable weekly goal.

I second this request! I’d like to see the option to select rent cycles (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for a lease to help automate the tenant ledger.

Ditto. I reached out to them when I first started using Stessa and we purchased our first properties. All of our units are weekly rentals.

They didn’t seem to be interested in adding this ability and only offered a help article on how to use Stessa for Short Term Rentals. I found that to be more labor intensive than just saying these people are on month to months and pro-rate a monthly rate for the bookkeeping.

Weekly rent as an option instead of monthly would be a huge help for me and my team!