Add Capital Expense category for foundation repair

This and more categories to be fleshed out in Capital Expense.

Heck, it’d be even better if we could just add our own Income/Expense categories without having to ask for them to be created! Allow the user to create their own since they ultimately know their books better.

We would recommend using “Capital Expenses > Remodeling” for foundation work, or simply use the top level “Capital Expenses” bucket. You can add Names and Notes as needed, which will then show up on your Capital Expenses report so you can keep track of each invoice or job.

For better or worse, we have intentionally designed Stessa to be “opinionated” software. One of these opinions is that the total number of categories available for classifying transactions should be reasonably low. While we do sometimes add new categories based on Wishlist popularity, these events are rather rare, and that’s by design.

If categories were unlimited and could be added at will, there would soon be thousands of different categories in use across the platform. This would make reporting vastly more complicated due to formatting issues and would also render benchmarking nearly impossible. Perhaps most importantly, it’s our belief that if we keep adding more categories, Stessa may start to look and operate too much like a generic accounting program.

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