Add GreatJones as a PM

Saw GreatJones as a roofstock recommended PM, using them now for a few doors but they seem to be using some of their own in-house software for PM and not appfolio or property ware. Possible to add them? Too difficult?

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That would makes sense and I thought was the plan with the acquisitions, but I don’t know.

Great Jones builds on Roofstock’s tech-enabled services for owners, including Stessa, the leading online investment management solution for individual real estate investors, which it acquired earlier this year. Roofstock’s end-to-end approach to real estate investing provides investors of all sizes with more opportunity to invest in, and financially benefit from, the world’s largest asset class, with access to data and tools that simplify and streamline the process.

Yes, Great Jones is now a supported PM for automatic data imports into Stessa. Here’s more info:

The Great Jones URL in this link no longer seems to be working. I’m wondering if it’s due to the change to using Roofstock login URLs? If I try to use though, it doesn’t say it’s not supported, but it’s just blank underneath.