Stessa Joining Forces with Roofstock

We started Stessa just over four years ago with a big vision to streamline the entire real estate ownership lifecycle with technology. Tens of thousands of investors now use Stessa to save time automating income and expense tracking while maximizing profits through visual dashboards and detailed reports. With over $45B in real estate assets tracked on the platform, we’ve come a long way. Today we are excited to announce that we are taking another huge leap towards that vision as Roofstock has acquired Stessa .

Seasoned investors know that investing in real estate is often challenging and unpredictable. Roofstock was founded to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective, and simple. By combining forces, Roofstock and Stessa will offer investors a modern trading platform and a purpose-built asset management solution to simplify ownership throughout the duration of every property investment. We are thrilled to join Roofstock and immediately get to work growing our complementary suite of owner services.

Investors using the Stessa platform will soon have access to Roofstock’s innovative acquisition tools and extensive deal flow. We are excited to empower Stessa users to seamlessly grow their portfolio or sell their properties through the Roofstock marketplace while enabling Roofstock’s customers to easily track and optimize the performance of their properties through Stessa.

Going forward, we have no doubt that Roofstock’s deep bench of real estate and technology experience will enhance Stessa’s ability to save real estate investors time and money. Together, the combined services will provide unparalleled peace of mind for the individual investor. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding discounted access to Roofstock services, exciting new Stessa product features, and essential resources for the upcoming tax season.

Finally, we want to express a sincere note of thanks to the countless investors who have spent time with us in person, over the phone, and in the community forums. Your insights, feedback, and suggestions have made Stessa what it is today. We’re counting on your continued partnership as we work to deliver seamless data integrations, smarter insights, and a better owner experience for all rental property investors.

Heath Silverman and Jonah Schwartz — Co-founders, Stessa

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Will Stessa remain free of charge?


It’s free to set up an account on Stessa and you can add as many properties as you like. We’ve had a free option since day one and we remain committed to offering a free tier on an ongoing basis. In the event we develop new premium features and services that impact our pricing structure, any changes will be clearly communicated in advance.

As of this week, anyone with a Roofstock account can now log in to Stessa directly using the new “Log in with Roofstock” feature. Upon log in, Stessa will then automatically import all relevant property data from your Roofstock account.

This is the best way for existing Roofstock customers to start using Stessa!

Log in with Roofstock now to see this new feature in action.

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