Online rent collection

Would love the ability to send a link to my tenants that allows them to create a simple account where they can log in and pay rent via ACH bank draft. I am enjoying using Stessa for the majority of business I do with my portfolio, but I’m still having to use Cozy to collect rent. Would love to have it all in one place!


Nate - I am with you. I use Cozy for Rent Collection, tenant screening, tenant applications, and most everything for my portfolio. I have 9 rental properties and with all of the manual entries into Stessa for rent collection, insurance, tax info, etc…I am trying to figure out where Stessa can help me.


I vote for this as well. I thought I read Stessa was going to roll this out but of course I can’t find the link. It make sense as it would be a revenue stream for the % fee.

I am also looking for this feature. I think property owners would pay for this service. Crickets, havn’t heard from Stessa?