Online rent collection

Would love the ability to send a link to my tenants that allows them to create a simple account where they can log in and pay rent via ACH bank draft. I am enjoying using Stessa for the majority of business I do with my portfolio, but I’m still having to use Cozy to collect rent. Would love to have it all in one place!


Nate - I am with you. I use Cozy for Rent Collection, tenant screening, tenant applications, and most everything for my portfolio. I have 9 rental properties and with all of the manual entries into Stessa for rent collection, insurance, tax info, etc…I am trying to figure out where Stessa can help me.


I vote for this as well. I thought I read Stessa was going to roll this out but of course I can’t find the link. It make sense as it would be a revenue stream for the % fee.

I am also looking for this feature. I think property owners would pay for this service. Crickets, havn’t heard from Stessa?

Cozy doesn’t charge for this features so I think Stessa would have to make it free as well. But it’s to their benefit as a marketing tool for making it a one-stop rental manager.

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Thanks all for adding your voices and suggestions to this thread. Rent collection is certainly something we’re considering for the future. We’ll post updates here as available. In the meantime, if others would also like to see this become part of Stessa, please click the green heart icon on the original post to register your support.


I would love to see Stessa continue to focus on the analytics side of owning property and create integrations with the various rent collection platforms. Similar to Personal Capital, they became so big by focusing on integrating with third parties and allowing people to perform analysis on their portfolios. There are many one-stop rental managers out there, I think it would be hard to compete. Focus on what you do best first.