Tenant ledger by unit, status of rent payments

It would be great to have a way to add (then be able to list) what unit(s) has any outstanding payments due … (e.g. A tenant did not make a full rent payment, a way to list the balance due and a late charge as outstanding)

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In addition to quoting @devin, but not to push other REI products for residential property investors, there are other “products” out there that do everything that you mentioned, including free prodcuts. For most investors, including myself, the cash basis of accounting is the most effective and efficient way to monitor and track our investments, and Stessa does a great job at providing the tools necessary to complete that task. In addition, simply performing variance analysis on your reports from Stessa would indicate a potential collections problem.

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I would also like to have a more detailed view of rent rolls. Love Stessa so far, the ONLY reason I’ve found so far that it falls short for me is the ability to track rent, current, late etc. a snapshot of where we were for the month on collections would just be a home run for us. The ability to designate and apply late payments would be a bonus. Thanks

I’d also like to request this feature. It’s not really about accounting, it’s more a reminder and tracking for status of collection. I want to track if specific tenants are habitually late, which payments were tied to any documents (pay or quit, etc.) delivered, etc.