How to track monthly rent paid for multiple properties

Hello Stessa community,

I really like using Stessa in general, but i think it is missing (or I cannot find) a very important feature for majority of landlords / investors:
Report or a view of all rental properties at a glance with date and amount of last rent paid for each rental property.

Also, rent-due notification alert settings would be very helpful, to see if tenant is late.

This would benefit whole community of Stessa users!

If you need additional functional requirements, I can provide :slight_smile:
Thank you,


@tbaytler Thanks for your excellent suggestions! Your timing is good as we are set to roll out a new set of features around lease management and rent tracking by unit over the next 4-6 weeks. We’ll be counting on your feedback to make these new tools as useful as possible.

Please prepare your Stessa account by assigning your rental income transactions to the proper unit via your Transactions page. Once you’ve done this a few times the system will learn your patterns and start to take care of these tasks automatically. This data will then feed into the new lease management and tenant ledger features.

Where do i find the rent tracking by unit you mention around june of 2020

@dsawaz Sure, the payment tracking by unit will soon be available on the Leases & Tenants page. Once launched later this month (January 2021), you’ll be able to simply click any lease to see a full tenant ledger.

You can already run certain reports (including Net Cash Flow) by unit via your Reports page.