What do you use to track and/or collect rent?

I like Stessa for my portfolio tracking and financials but would really like a more robust way to track current rental payments, late fees etc… what is everyone out there using? Thanks!

I was using Quickbooks but every 3 years I had to purchase an upgraded version. I like the details and it took care of the double entries but it was costing a lot. They are pushing their online version but it doesn’t make sense for a small landlord like me. I just started using Stessa and I like it! Uploading bank account info and categorizing everything went really fast. There’s some kinks but I think stessa is working on it. I also like the reporting by property…super useful! Plus, I love the mileage tracker on stessa!

I hope someone can answer this. I’m still struggling along without proper rent tracking/reminders etc.

Hello, have you tried Cozy or Avail?

My property managers are using Appfolio. It seems to be working well for them. I have another manager using Buildium.