Checklist style "Paid Rent" - Simplify the Bank Roll Process!

I am finding I am spending ten minutes to mark rent is paid. What would be great if I can go down the list and make a check box style where I can check (i.e. tick box check) several units that may have paid on the first and then in one button mark all the checked units as paid on that date. That way, if I am accepting Venmo from these units, I simply have to check which units paid at the end of the day, and then on the top “MARK AS PAID FOR THE MONTH.”

Transaction tab is GREAT, but it’s too cumbersome when I need to do 40 or so units manually.

This is more effective than manually marking every single unit one by one.

How are you using the software? What bank do you use? Depending on the bank Stessa will auto populate the dollar amounts and etc. If Stessa does not connect to your particular bank you can download a CSV file from your bank and upload to Stessa. If you are using Venmo for rent collection, Stessa connects to Venmo and it auto populates. You have to have the Lease and Tenant Details setup.

DID NOT see that!

Now I do!

Thank you!