Input rents in under 5 seconds

Im on the stessa app, I have 30+ tenants in 10 properties. A tenant pays me rent via venmo. I need a quick way to input rents.

The RentTracker app had a single place I can go that lists all of the tenants names > click tenant name > add payment > (monthly rent, current date, property address already prepopulated) click accept rent.

I can process a rental payment in under 5 seconds. Your app appears to have me input a new transaction and I’d need to memorize what address and unit number every tenant is in.

Bulk transfer and reading bank accounts won’t do it. This is adding more unnecessary steps. I need to be able to process a rent payment in 4 button clicks or less … like 5 seconds. Every other app I tested does this. It’s interesting that you guys have the best mobile app I’ve tested so far but lack a pretty critical UI feature.