Import data from Cozy

It would be nice to import data from Cozy for those of us using the system for rent collection, tenant management, etc.


Agreed! This would be exactly what I need as I collect my rent collection there.

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Please add a deep integration with cozy. This would save me from having to leave Stessa for any of my rental business.


Agreed! I use Cozy for rent collection and as one way to list property listings. Would love if Stessa & Cozy could team up or at least for Stessa to add online rent payments & a listing feature.

Agreed! This would be extremely helpful.

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Those of you who have requested an integration with Cozy, are you mostly wanting to see rent charges and payments from Cozy show up on your Stessa Leases & Tenants page? Don’t rent payments already show up in Stessa, assuming you’ve linked the bank account that Cozy deposits into?

Or are you looking for something else specific?

I believe at the time of my suggestion, it did not automatically assign rent to units or have the rent roll as shown on the leases & tenants page. That said, I could see some value when acquiring a new tenant via cozy, having a way to “import” tenant data (unit, rent amount, deposit amount, late fee, lease.pdf, etc).

I would also add that, it takes some time for cozy based payments to land in my back account (at least when using free cozy) and then another day to graduate from pending state where it would actually show up on Stessa. By then it’s farther into the month than I’d like to follow up with tenants about non-payment. Therefore, Im still going into cozy to make sure that transfer has been initiated.


For me it’s more then just rent payments. It’s double the work. I have to maintain two systems. For example, late fees, lease renewals or terminations, and expenses. It would be nice to update Cozy and have it update in Stessa. Less work.