Rent balance status

I am a new landlord with 4 units multifamily and l was looking for a software to navigate my investment. I am very much impressed with Stessa. I have a wish-list to add a feature showing outstanding balance and excess payment. Which will help the landlord for collection. My Stessa is linked with property manager appfolio.
I have one tenant who always pay in two or three split. So its difficult to track the balance on my system. I have another tenant who pay few dollars extra each months. So both situation is challenging to figure out the balance.
Even appfolio is not giving me each unit balance status; it shows total property (4 unit) balance. That is not much helpful to follow up for collections.
Please add a feature to resolve this particular issue. Again, thank you Stessa team for creating this wonderful software FREE for landlord. Thank you for the details regarding your specific situation!

We are currently developing better tools to track status of rent payments. This request is being tracked under an existing thread, where we’ll post updates in the weeks to come: Tenant ledger by unit, status of rent payments