Is there a tenant portal?

I don’t think there is a tenant portal to my knowledge but I’d love for a way to capture tenant payments and repair requests in one solution. Currently using Innago for that.

If there is this type of functionality I’d love to know!


@davetapia Not currently although it’s something we’re considering for a future release. There are a couple of existing threads covering similar topics:


Having a tenant portal and the accounting backend really puts Stessa in a good position. No other product has both. I vote for this feature.


Having “Access your account:” automatically printed at the bottom of the tenant ledger report would seem to indicate there should be a tenant portal so that the recipient of this ledger can see their account that is captured in the report.

If there are no immediate plans on the product roadmap to build a tenant portal, consider changing the wording on the bottom of the tenant ledger to avoid confusion.

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There is currently no tenant portal available on Stessa. All reports, including the Tenant Ledger report are intended for the property owner. It’s expected that the owner will download an Excel version of the report and then make any desired changes before sharing directly with a tenant or another interested party.

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My tenant just got prompted to create an account and the stessa support said they created a tenant portal, but it wasn’t communicated. Just putting it out there that this might be implemented.