Add my my bank. (Consumers National Bank)

How to get my bank added? The system says it doesn’t recognize my bank and that’s it, end of story. There isn’t an option that’s visible on the screen that would allow me to add my bank to your system. Please advise.

@mickleydale you’re probably not going to get a response from support. I will comment it appears to me that Consumers National bank is a small community bank network. This can be great for relationships in the investing world. Not so much for technology. I am seeing $1 billion in assets and ~180 employees. They’re probably not mainstream enough to offer connections to third parties.

You might want to explore using a national bank on their list or opening a Stessa cash management account. Probably not the answer you were looking for. Best of luck.


Thanks Tom.
My son talked me into using their site after Mint went down, but they don’t acknowledge my mortgage company or checking account. Ugh. Lots of changes in store for me (i.e. extra work)