Calendar and reminders for key milestones and deadlines like taxes, LLC, etc

We own a couple of rental properties and between the LLC filings, SOI, Taxes for each property, HOA dues, county taxes, etc… we have a LOT of milestones and deadlines related to the places.

It would be incredible to have a calendar that can remind you


@prades.maxime Agreed, this is an excellent idea. If others have specific thoughts on how it might work, whether email alerts or other types of reminders should be part of the scope, etc. please offer them up below!

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How about when you log in an alert screen pops up. Could program for 30,60,90 day alerts as the user selects as a preference.

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I think the whole idea is to reach you on channels you are everyday. So definitely email reminder

What i’d see is something like this:

Type of alert (dropdown)
Title (custom text)
Description (links, amounts etc)
Due date
Reminder date
Reminder type (sms or email)


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I really need this as well! At the property and portfolio levels. There are just too many date specific items to track. A calendar view would be great. As well, a “To Do” list view to mark off items as they’re completed. This could be use to track repairs, upgrades, or services that are required per property or at the portfolio level.