Feature request: Calendar of important dates

Hi, Id like a calendar of important dates of my properties such as
Insurance renewals and Lease renewals. Obviously I can create this myself outside of Stessa. However, because ive already input all the information for it into Stessa. I think that it would be a nice feature to include.

This would allow us (users) to at a glance, see what renewals are coming up. for which house and give a better overview of what we need to organize in the coming months and how much money needs to be available for it. Allowing us to take a more pro-active approach to managing rather than reactive. Nothing stresses you more than being blindsided by your insurance carrier that they will drop coverage in 12 days if you don’t renew immediately.

I know that we could individually click through each property and see the information that we input that way. But once you get to about 4-5 properties this becomes exceedingly tedious and time consuming.

All the information is already input for when we setup leases and insurance information. It just needs to be formatted into a calendar or similar.

Perhaps over time this could be fleshed out, through your rent collection system you could have repair requests from tenants. and be able to schedule when the repair man will come etc.