How to Use the Wishlist

Here’s your opportunity to be a software designer and make Stessa an even better platform.

Tell us how we can make existing features better, what’s missing from Stessa entirely, and exactly how you’d like to see things tweaked, changed, or improved. We can’t promise we’ll get to everything right away, but we do monitor this category closely and will intervene with comments, updates, and ETAs as needed.

BEFORE, you start a “New Topic” please search existing threads to make sure your feedback isn’t already captured in another post. If someone has already requested the same feature, be sure to vote for the existing post by clicking on the white heart ( :white_heart: ) near the bottom of the post to help move it up our list of priorities.

When a particular thread or idea has been addressed via new features or changes to the Stessa platform, we’ll post a summary of what’s new and how to find it on Stessa.

Ground Rules:
Our intention is to keep the Community Forums free of self-promotional content, backlink building, personal attacks, etc. We will moderate heavily when needed to achieve this goal and reserve full editorial rights over all posted content.

Links to external service providers, including all affiliate links, are currently not permitted on the Community Forums. You are of course welcome to discuss the particulars of your situation and/or offer advice and recommendations.

Please do not post personal information, bank account info, etc. that you would not want widely circulated to all corners of the Internet.

If you want to take issue with a statement or idea posted by Stessa or other rental property investors, please focus your argument on the content or idea being articulated, not the person. Personal commentary will be removed promptly by the moderators.

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