What's on the horizon, new upcoming features, etc?!

Hey @devin, just curious if you’re able to share some of the changes that the team has in the pipeline for Stessa? Stuff we’ll be seeing in the next 6 months or so?

@christopher.mikle Good question. So, this month we’ve already released the Android mobile app, new Reports features, and automatic data imports from Propertyware.

In the next few weeks, we are also poised to launch an overhauled Leases & Tenants experience. This will allow you to update tenants, rents, and other key lease info while also preserving existing rent roll data. Beyond that, a more robust tenant ledger for tracking balances by tenant is planned, along with some new reports and further enhancements to the mobile apps.

If there are specific features you’d like to see added to Stessa, please vote for them via the Wishlist. We absolutely look to the more popular Wishlist threads to inform our product roadmap.

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@devin Awesome thanks for sharing, and looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes! Are there any future plans for things like rent collection?

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