Android App 2020

Many rental property investors have reached out to express their interest in seeing us develop an Android version of the Stessa mobile app, which is currently only available for iOS. In response, we’ve begun preliminary engineering work to assess feasibility and develop some basic specs.

If you are an Android user and have specific feature requests or creative ideas for compelling mobile app use cases, please “Reply” to this topic thread and let us know.

To voice support for our Android app efforts in general, click the small heart on this original post. To vote for others’ ideas, click the small heart on their replies.

We’ll post updates here as work progresses. There is currently no firm ETA for app delivery, but we expect it will be sometime after Q1 2020.


A section for lifetime stats of the financials.


Property dashboard and performance data, similar to the web version. Easy access to tenant data and leases.

  1. Access to uploaded documents such as leases. When on site it’s very helpful to pull up past move out/in documents.
  2. Upload area for receipts as incurred with an easy drop down to choose property
  3. Photo area to upload for doing property transfer walks. So much easier than group uploading.

Receipt upload is a must-have.