Android App 2020

Any updates on status?

Beta tester request.

I would live to be a beta tester

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Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in beta testing the new Android app.

We’re now ready for you! Please open a support convo via the blue circle at lower right once you’re logged into Stessa. Just let us know you’d like to be an Android beta tester and we’ll send you the link.

In return for early access, we kindly ask for your constructive feedback, creative ideas, and patience with any technical snafus.


Awesome! Just downloaded it and was able to log in without issue. Will play around with it and provide feedback.

Already like the ability to take a photo of something and adding it as an attachment to a transaction.

devin–seeing the following error via the app when trying to load transactions. All other tabs work. Initially I could view tabs, but then after a day or two, this started happening.

Thanks @pete for the feedback. We just pushed out a new version of the beta app that fixes the problem you reported. Please test it out and let us know what you think.

Jonah Schwartz

Downloaded the update; seems to be working now! No more error and I can view the Transactions screen.

Latest (relatively minor) issue I noticed. When looking at the transaction details, I clicked on the right arrow for Category:

That then just shows a blank screen:

Clicking the back key (upper left) seems to return to the normal category selection window. Behaved the same every time I tried it.

beta tester pls, thks

I’d love to be an Android beta tester if this is still open. I rely on Stessa more and more and would love to be able to use an app to help me in my business. Thanks.

FYI - The new Android app is now available in the Google Play Store.
google-play-badge Download it now >

This highly anticipated release features:

  • Point and click receipt scanning for easy storage and retrieval.
    Receipts are auto-magically read and categorized. No more manual data entry!

  • Automatic mortgage and bank linking for seamless income and expense tracking.
    You’ll no longer have to forward everything to your CPA or maintain cumbersome spreadsheets.

  • Native transaction search and categorization for quick retrieval of key details.
    When multiple years of historical property data is only a swipe away, it’s easy to get back to partners, lenders, or anyone else with quick answers. Just look it up, respond, and you’re done!

  • Real-time financial reporting so you’ll always know your numbers
    Stop wrestling with custom formulas in out-of-date Excel spreadsheets. Let Stessa calculate your valuation, cash-on-cash return, NOI and other key metrics for you.

If you have new feedback re the Android app, feel free to post it here!

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I been using the app and its great. I do wish we had a setting for default portfolio view in the app so whenever i click on home it will show me the default instead of all of them. I am doing the same with my webpage but using bookmarks instead.