Maintenance request and tracking tool

Would be great feature to allow tenants to request repairs and those expenses get tracked along with completion of work requested


It would be good to know if Stessa is considering adding this function. finally added the maintenance request function. I am currently here for some things, there for some things. Would be really nice to have everything in one spot. One of the partners is advocating switching to a service that allows for everything, paid or free.

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Agree, will be a great feature for landlords to track and maintain maintenance requests and maintenance contacts.

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Agree! Any word from Stessa whether they are working on a maintenance request feature? Sure would love to see that so we dont need to use another system just for that one feature.

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A maintenance tool would be huge ! I track my property maintenance schedule via a spreadsheet and project costs.

For example if my roof will need to be replaced in around 10 years and at that time it will cost $12,000, I know that I need to budget $100 a month to pay for it at that time. My spreadsheet shows the future date of replacement and the amount I will need to budget monthly to be able to pay for it.

Can Stessa please add a maintenance scheduler/ projection tool ? This would make stessa a near perfect solution for almost every landlord.

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Hmmm… I actually disagree with this. I use a Property Manager for my rentals and was pleased to find a tool that seemed designed for my circumstance. Seems like there are a lot of other tools that offer a full suite of rental management tools, but only one that does good financial accounting and analysis without complicated setup and configuration. I would encourage you to improve your core functionality rather than branching into new areas.

It would be great is Stessa had a maintenance section of the software where tenants could put in work requests and we could tie them to transactions. Also they should make a tenant section of the mobile app where they can log in and view their bill, payment history, make payments, submit work requests with pictures, view documents etc…

Devin, make it happen.

I would love to be able to track age of roof and mechanicals and report on that.