Maintenance request and tracking tool

Agree!!! until stessa gets that online - what do you use for maintenance?
I havent found one I like

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Agreed. Stessa is a superior tool. It is quite possibly the best in the marketplace to truly understand how your portfolio is performing.
However, it doesn’t make the operations of running the business easy. If it had the maintenance interface (with notifications, entry details, contact info sharing, etc…) of TenantCloud, Stessa would be my go-to for my entire portfolio.

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can we create work orders and apply their expense to the property? @stessa5 @stessa6 @stessa10

If it can be built where the landlord receives a push notification when tenant submits the requests, and the landlord can forward the request via text/email to a vendor (from a landlord built vendor list inside Stessa) including tenant contact info so that the vendor can schedule the visit/repair with the tenant, I believe this would make Stessa the elite property management platform in the industry.


Adding an maintenance request/management feature would make Stessa a pretty much complete software. I would gladly pay the $20/month to have all in one place. Currently paying for another Property Management software which Im not even 100% happy with. Please Stessa, consider this feature!!!

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I support this request!!

Hopefully this will be something that the Pro Membership can offer! It’s features like this that would make the Pro Membership invaluable and most definitely worth the expense!

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we need this…more for setting up vendors properly, sending them work orders and keeping track of capital improvements vs repairs/maintenance

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Agreed. If there is a way to allow tenants to request maintenance on their end and have it come to us on the owner end to track and resolve it would be phenomenal

A maintenence request/tracking tool is necessary in Stessa. Innago is a platform very similar to Stessa and they have this tool. I am now using both Innago and Stessa for property management but would like to consolidate to one.