Property Maintenance

Does Stessa plan to implement a feature to allow tenants to upload maintenance requests? I am currently using innago specifically for this interaction and wanted to see if there were any plans to add it to Stessa in the coming future?

I wanted to reply as I am very interested in this capability as well. I would also add a property inspection tool to cover move-in and move out conditions.


@brkrentalsllc this is just my opinion and conjecture. Watching the evolution of Stessa followed by the acquisition by Roofstock, they have vertically integrated most other activities of landlording - listing rentals, collection of rent, bookkeeping, selling insurance, etc. The last step, and probably one of the more difficult processes is property management. I suspect Roofstock will most likely buy another PM software and then integrate it opposed to building it from scratch.


Yes please! Also already covered in Maintenance request and tracking tool - #30 by jerhunsberger