Can't View Log Out Button

Can’t log out of Stessa on my laptop. The size of the screen relative to the size of the navigation menu makes it impossible to find and click on where the log out button would be. There’s no ability to scroll on the navigation menu as well. The only way I’ve found to access another account is to log in through an incognito tab.

The picture attached is all I can view from my screen. Notice how half of the “Support” button is viewable.


I haver the same problem on 2 different laptops.This is definitely a software issue. As a work around, I have found I can.

  • View fullscreen. In chrome that is F11. It gets rid of the menu bar and tabs so you can see more
  • Change the zoom factor using the menu or Ctrl-Minus, That will shrink everything so you can see more
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I had the same problem. I realized that my screen was zoomed too large. Place your mouse pointer inside the application, hold down the control key and scroll down on your mouse until you can see the Settings icon in the list. Click on Settings and there will be an option to log out.