Categorize bank dividends, misc interest, portfolio-level expenses

How can I categorize bank dividends? When it’s imported from the bank it’s categorized as misc. interest under rents but when I run a report it shows as overhead.

@guss113 Sure. There are effectively two reasonable options:

  1. If tax reporting is not a concern, you can categorize these as “Money In” under “Admin & Other > Bank Fees,” since they’re basically the reverse of a bank charge.

  2. If these amounts are in fact interest (and subject to separate tax reporting), you’ll want to stick with the Misc Interest option. Note that we’ve now removed the “Overhead” designation so that Misc Interest is now reported under “Income” on all Stessa reports. Hope that helps!

We also recommend consulting with a CPA to understand exactly what’s required here.

What was the rationale for removing the overhead category?

@ajisgroupsa Sure. The “Overhead” section was a legacy designation from a prior version of the platform in which portfolio-level expenses were not explicitly supported. You can now simply associate any income or expense item at the portfolio-level instead, which then produces an extra column on all reports. This seems to be preferable to the old “Overhead” designation.

You can read more about portfolio-level expenses in Stessa via the blog: