Create vendor database for W-9 and improved transaction auto-categorization

When entering vendor names on transactions, it would be great if Stessa could memorize frequently used vendors by category (repairs or other services that may be typically provided by that vendor).

Stessa could then auto-categorize new transactions that could be highlighted (Needs Review) to be confirmed correct. If it’s a new vendor name, it could ask if I want to enter the address and tax info at that time so it can store it in the database.

Further wishlist: If Stessa can learn to associate the bank account / transaction info to a specific vendor, then it could save the time to categorize repetitive transactions. eg, insurance and mortgage payments that are made to same vendors each month.

Thanks for the great work! This platform is orders or magnitude better than anything else out there!


I agree this could be a time saver.

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This would also allow us to track payments by vendor which will assist in the 1099 at the end of the year!