Enable filters to exclude specific properties from reports

When running reports, it would be beneficial to be able to exclude certain properties from the reports:
ie: on Income Statement, I would like to exclude properties that are not yet stabilized and under repairs. Currently, I cannot do that for a specific portfolio, therefore, the report totals are skewed by the repair cost of a specific property.


@jsrd12 Thanks for the suggestion! As a workaround, we suggest running your Excel reports (Income Statement, Net Cash Flow, etc.) on a “Property” basis, which will give you a column for each address. Then simply open the file in Excel, delete the column you want to exclude, and then input formulas for the “Total” column at far right, so that it calculates new values accurately.

Stessa outputs reports to Excel instead of PDF in order to provide you with precisely this sort of flexibility. If this is something others feel would be useful as a built-in feature, please click the heart at the bottom of the original post.

Thanks! that is a workaround. I hadn’t tried the report by property which looks a lot more to what I’m used to seeing.

Other thing that you can do is to make another portfolio “under repairs” and drag and drop the properties to that portfolio, so when you need a report only for the properties that are performing you can do it.