How to add a property with no physical address

How do you enter a property with no 911 Address?

If your property does not yet have an official address, we won’t be able to pull any public records data. You can still set up a blank property by adding “123 Data Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA” and then editing all of the relevant data, including display name, square footage, units, etc.

I have a mobile home park Sarah’s Mobile Home Park (SMHP) It has 11 mobile homes in it. All expenses for all 11 homes are categorized under SMHP for tax purposes. I tried to add the property as you mentioned without a address since there is not an office onsite, but system would not let me. I went to “Properties” then “Add Property”. Then “Enter the ad dress of an investment property to add.” Need an address here. Advise please. Once I have SMHP added then I’ll use the “Add Unit” that I read in another person’s question.

Hi Devin

I have property showing up in Zillow but it is not reflecting on your system. Can you pls help me to address it?

Property address is Your Home (

2028 Canterbury Drive, Seagoville. TX 75159

Thank you

Hi Devin

I tried and it don’t work, can you help me to add the property to my list , Its listed in Zillow

Hi Devin

I tried adding and editing , it doesn’t work for me, It doesn’t allow me to change the town or county, Can you help me out , I have a closing in couple of days

@gseelanj If you’re have trouble adding a specific property, please open a 1:1 support ticket via the blue circle at lower right on the web platform or via the “Support & Help” menu on the mobile apps. We’ll investigate and get it resolved for you directly.