How to categorize proceeds from a refinance

I just did a cash-out refinance on a property, and I am unsure how to categorize the funds. The closest I can find might be a principal refund? This doesn’t seem correct. Can you suggest where this would be best categorized?


Had the same question as well

Following, same question.

@reed @jrvoncannon @johnmanner Good question. Refinance proceeds can indeed be categorized as “Money In” to “Mortgages & Loans > Principal Payments.” Funds received will then be reflected on your Net Cash Flow report as a positive number. If you also paid off an existing loan balance, you’ll probably want to record just the net cash out amount.

Note that you’ll also want to update your existing/new mortgage info via the Mortgage card on your Property Details page. For more info on how to do this, check out Mortgages & Loans: Add & Edit.

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