How to handle prepaid rent

I have a tenant who consistently pays extra each month, I think they like round numbers. How are other owner’s handling prepaid rent since it really isn’t income.

Could Stessa add a prepaid rent category that would be a below the line entry on reports similar to a security deposit and then a way to reverse it back to the top line if were to be realized as income?


@john.andrea.v I’d actually recommend splitting the transaction into: 1) current rent, and 2) the overpayment. Then categorize the overpayment as a “Transfer” with the tenant’s name as Payer. Transfers always report below the line and do not impact property performance.

Then in the future you can simply search for the tenant’s name and then update any relevant “Transfers” to “Income > Rents” (you may also want to change the date) when the overpayments are applied to the current month. Hope that helps!