Income category for reimbursements from tenants (utilities, etc.)

I need a new income category for utility reimbursement. Many landlords depending on building type may bill back their utilities or a portion to the tenant. Right now the only category that would work in would just be the high-level income category. It would be nice to break this up further to a “utility reimbursement” category under income.


I agree. I have just ran into the same situation.

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@freedomrentalhomes @419rentalproperties There’s an existing “Tenant Reimbursements” category under Income, which is intended to cover exactly this scenario (among others). Give it a try!

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@devin Thanks. I can see where that could be used for that and see your point. I considered that category more for say you have a clogged drain and you as the owner pay for it. Turns out it was the tenant’s fault and you charge them for the fix. That would fall under that category as more of a one-off expense not something that may come in every month. It still would be nice to break it up further for reporting reasons.

@devin if i am putting the water bill under the refund that the tenants reimburse me for will this show up different in the tax package, vs tenant reimbursement category?

@levelupproperties1 Yes, it will show up differently. “Tenant Pass-Throughs” is an “Income” category and will report out as such on your financial reports. We strongly suggest consulting with your CPA to determine the proper tax reporting of all “Income” sub-categories.

If you categorize money received from a tenant as a refund to a “Utilities” expense account, it will effectively lower the total “Utilities” expenses shown in your financial reports.

It’s up to you how you want to handle this and how closely you want to track the actual flow of dollars between various parties.

Did you change “tenant reimbursements” to “Tenant Pass-throughs” under income? I agree with others, it would be great to have a tenant income for extra expenses they pay towards utilities.

@amysnewton Good catch. Yes, we renamed this Income sub-category to “Tenant Pass-Throughs” to make it more applicable to any expense or charge paid by a tenant. This continues to be the best sub-category to use when a tenant reimburses you for utilities.