How to return a portion of a depreciated/capital expense item

I have returned 1 of multiple boxes of flooring after a flooring purchase and install. The return is a separate transaction with separate receipt. Trouble is, since the return is part of a depreciable item purchased recently, categorizing a return “new flooring and carpet return” asks for depreciation length. The length needs to be “instantly”.
Often times I will over purchase a capital expense product to be sure I can finish the job in fewest trips (also for reasons like manufacture lot run, etc) but how to capture the return of the remaining product seems to be escaping me.

@greg3 I would recommend reaching out to a qualified CPA for an answer as to how best to accomplish this task. I would imagine if the return is happening within the same calendar year as the original capital expense, then you’d just reduce the original transaction amount instead of recording it as two separate line items. That said, we cannot give official tax advice so please consult a CPA and make your own decision as to how best to proceed.

Thank you for such quick resonses.

My question was not how to proceed with filing the charge, it is simply that the Stessa system allows me to log all transactions to and from apartments and residents however for these “charges” transactions Stessa doesn’t allow me to hold the receipt showing proof of purchase.

Any transaction in or out of my attached bank needs to show a transaction with invoice/receipt. These charges seem to slip through the cracks.