Import and export

Transaction Export needs to be in the same format as transaction import requires. Currently when you export transactions you have to change headings and column order in order to re-import. Additionally, you should be able to overwrite existing data. For example, If I want to change one piece of info on multiple transactions I should be able to export, change data, then import without having to delete old transaction.

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@wieserf3 Thanks for this request. We’d like to better understand the specific need here.

Our import features are designed to bring in data from external sources like banks, Airbnb, and other reporting systems. That’s why they support CSV and QIF formats. We do not currently envision users exporting transactions out of Stessa, manipulating them in a spreadsheet, and then re-importing. If users are doing this regularly, then we’re perhaps not providing the right transactions management tools on the Transactions page.

If you need to apply the same update to many transactions, check out how to Use Bulk Transaction Edits to Save Time.

If your transaction editing needs are not being met by the existing in-platform tools, let us know what’s missing!

I would also like to have some sort of transaction export for two reasons. I would like to be able to manually back up my data, just in case. I also would like to be able to switch to a different software if necessary. I really like Stessa, but I just would like to make sure that I won’t be caught in a lurch if Stessa goes out of business or has an issue with data security in the future.

If you’re interested in backing up all your transaction data, try our new General Ledger report. Go to your Reports tab and select “General Ledger”. You can download all your transactions (or only transactions from specific date ranges) in Excel or PDF.

If the manual entry includes applying the account fields then I would not need to manipulate a data input file to fake an api import from an external account. However I still expect a data export from Stessa to be importable in the same format, as a reasonable quality assertion.