Improve vacancy tile on dashboard

Hi I would like to request that the vacancy tile on dashboard include the following:

  1. Currently tile shows number of units vacant. Suggested enhancement is to include information about which those vacant properties are.
  2. Would be good to add properties that are coming vacant in next 30, 60, 90 days.

Appreciate if this can be added.
Thx Satish

Hi Satish,

Great suggestion!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the new Leases & Tenants page. You can see all your units on a single page, and can look for your vacant units and any leases expiring in 60 days (which are highlighted). We’re also thinking of adding some filters like “Vacant only” or “Lease Expiring in 30/60/90 days”. We can also look into tying this back into the Vacancy tile.

Thanks again,

THANKS WALTER. You could have the ones that are expiring show up on the LEFT side where the Lease Icon is with a highlighted number. Kind of like how you show the transactions that need reviewed.

My point is it should be visible on main screen, either on tile or elsewhere. So it pushes you to go to the tenant and lease screen.

Does that make sense Walter?

Cool idea! Would you expect the highlighted number to be the count of vacant units, expiring-soon units, or both combined?

I’d like the number to be items we need to be mindful off. Vacancy is in the dashboard, so for me it’s the ones coming up in near future.
But It can get confusing for others so would need to see what it looks like before deciding. Perhaps both may be the way to do it.