Lease expiration alerts, 30 days in advance

It would be great to have an alert set up for upcoming lease expiration. Like 30 or 60 days out, an email or text alert so you can prepare for renewal or upcoming vacancy.


@turnkeycfl Thanks for your post. This feature already exists! Lease expiration email reminders go out automatically 30 days in advance of the expiration date. Enjoy!

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Oh shoot! I did not know. I just had a lease expire and never received a reminder or notification. Maybe went to spam?

I have never received an email notification. I track it on tenants screen manually.

Just a note to clarify that you must be subscribed to the “Activity Reports & Reminders” email channel, on your Notifications page, to receive lease expiration and other automated alerts.

@devin It will be useful to have customizable notification date. There are cases, where one must send rent increase at least 60 days before lease is up and hence I would like to have a reminder 90 days before.

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