Mortgage escrow disbursements positive / negative

I read the “Split & Categorize Mortgage Payments” article and thought I had a good handle on it, but when I linked my Mortgage account to my Stessa property, I’m seeing strange results. My mortgage payment is 3 parts: principal, interest, escrow. Then, twice per year my bank disburses payments from escrow for Hazard Insurance and for Property Tax.

What has me confused is: the Hazard Insurance transaction came into Stessa as a negative number, but the Property Tax transaction came in as a positive number. Both show on my bank mortgage statement as negative numbers, since they are disbursements. I know I can manually override the transaction in Stessa to align with the above help article - but that seems like a strange thing to have to do. Any idea what happened here? I have two Wells Fargo mortgage accounts, one for each of two separate properties, and both had this happen.


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I have the exact same problem. Wondering if someone has the answer…Is the best thing just to manually change it every time?

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Yes, the disbursement from your lender should indeed be changed to “Money In” since these are funds that your lender is paying out directly to a vendor on your behalf. Remember to also record a corresponding actual expense transaction, otherwise the underlying expense won’t show up on your reporting.

To the extent a particular escrow disbursement doesn’t import as expected, please open a 1:1 support conversation so we can investigate and resolve going forward.