Multiple properties using a single bank account

Hello - I have multiple properties and use a single back account. In the automatic transaction, each account can only be assigned to one property.

How do I connect my bank account and then categorize the income from the same account to multiple properties?

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@javapro13 Your assessment is correct - you can only dedicate one bank account to an individual property if you want to automate the process. You can easily create individual cash management accounts through Stessa if you want to smooth out the process - 1 account per property. Yes it would require a little bit of a effort to set up.

To connect a bank account responsible for multiple properties, add the account, then do not assign (Select “None”) the account to a specific property. This will then have the transactions queue up in the “Needs Review” tab where you can assign to the appropriate property as desired.

Hope that helps. Happy holidays!